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Twin twist 2017 model

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In these models, we take a look at the the hopper agitator found in our machines. The hopper agitator spins within the hopper of the frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream machine, keeping the liquid evenly cooled and mixed. This results in a longer lasting and better tasting product. Hopper agitators come standard on most frozen dessert machines.

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Ease of use is another integral aspect to this soft serve freezer. It is equipped with a low mix indicator, which alerts the operator when the mix is running low well before you actually run out. The microprocessor controls add a level of convenience by automatically regulating refrigeration and ensuring consistent product quality by controlling the product's temperature and viscosity levels. Similarly, the built-in standby feature maintains product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders below 40 degrees Fahrenheit during long no-use periods to preserve your ice cream mix's freshness, and the hopper agitator ensures consistent product quality and dispensing. These features are designed to give you the highest quality product without added stress.

We offer the most innovative and efficient ice cream machines. A co-production of the factories of RUGGITO COFFEE which are based on the Australian technology. Long Life Ice Cream Machines with Competitive Advantage. Direct synchronous power in gear box without belt and pulley.


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