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After Service

Solemnly declare:
1;When the customer received the goods, if found to have problems
  be sure to take pictures or videos to provide our salesperson or manager of orders;

2;When customers receive the goods first time to use, 
  follow our offer "new product Procedure" and fill use form,
  If you encounter a problem during operation, camera, video, 
  sent to our sales or orders manager.

3; Customers in the post-use products, please follow our "Product Guide" to operate.
   As problems arise in the course, taking pictures, video, sent to our sales or orders manager

If you are AMIGOSECRETS customers:
After our salesperson or manager of orders received your problem report (including pictures, video), 
will be given within 8 hours of video to solve the problem;
If the problem can not be solved in 8 hours, we will Arrange engineer within 48 hours of your location;
Please be sure to sign the report with the Arrange engineer to confirm the problem.
If the local technical staff can not solve product problems, 
our company will arrange the order engineers and sales managers go to the customer's location, 
work together on related matters in 10 working days.

Our service time:

The product warranty for one year;
Compressors and other important parts warranty of three years;
Consumables for two years (Division I in order delivery time has enough years of wearing parts distribution use);
Aftermarket agreement details, please E-mail to title using After Service Needed;
You will receive details of our after-sales agreement within 24 hours.