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Order Management

Order Management

1;Determining contract, signed and sealed by scanning e-mail confirmation. 
   (If you have difficulty scanning signed and sealed, at least e-mail confirmation)

2;In accordance with the contract to pay the deposit 
  (or notification by LC or OA notice)
  Special Note:Customers will receive our official payment settlement , if not received, do not pay.

3;You will receive ORDER FOLLOW CHART within 72 hours.
    (If our bank credited receipt notification)
   NOTE:In order to facilitate quick inquiry Bank credited, 
   Please provide water bill payment after payment.

4;Sales and order processing manager will follow the flow chart in accordance 
   with the order to report regularly to your orders progress.

5;To complete the production of goods, our company will provide international standards 
   inspection reports (reports, pictures, video) to you.
   Of course, you can entrust a third party(Example TUV & SGS)

6;Passing inspection, comfirm by e-mail each other, the customer pays the balance. 
  (If LC / OA according to LC OA payments)
  We will make loading by 48 hours, and show shipment reports to customer.

7;After Shipping the goods, sales and orders manager to help customers 
   make the documents for clearance needed, and timely follow-up goods go on.

8;Any questions after you receive the goods, please enjoy your service regulations.