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Fried icecream machine

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Thai Fried ice cream machine. Allows you to produce Thai ice cream rolls from scratch in a front of a customer. Use variety of toppings like nutella, peanut butter, brownies, chocolate bars, fresh or canned fruits etc. add cream of ice cream mix, mix together an you have fresh home made ice cream in any flavor you want!

The machine is really fun and easy to operate. It allows to prepare fresh ice cream within couple of minutes. The process is entertaining for viewers and creates a whole new experience. Customers can create their own ice cream with the flavor of their choice.

Fried ice machine is used for making fried ice, fried ice fruit, fried ice cream, fried ice porridge, etc. The operation of this machine is easy. In hot summer, fried ice not only satisfies your stomach, but also clearing summer-heat. So the market demand is large, the investment is low, the profits is high. We have two types of fried ice machine, single pan fried ice machine and double pans fried ice machine.

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