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Order FAQ

Q: How long is the delivery?
Usually 15~20days enough;
Busy season every year September to the next year in June.That’s time delivery time will be 25~35days.

Q:How long is the delivery if I order only one units?
Usually same time by order(15~20days)
But, if we have stock, it will be 5days enough( testing report 3days needed)

Q:How can I know my order go on?
Your order will have Special orders follow-up processes.Sales will follow your order step by step.
If you have complaints or suggestions by your order, please e-mail 
to (we will reply to you not more than 2hours).

Q:How a about quality of my order?
You will get test Video & test report by Order finished. 
If still can not enough, TUV SGS also good choose be our factory inspection.

Q:How can I do if my order have problem?
Your order not loading, Please kind of contact with our sales;
Also sales manager e-mail:   CEO e-mail:

Your order loading and be there got problem Send
Skype:christmasnow     Cell:0086 139 2903 5082
All problem will be reply not more than 2hours.